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  ROC Folding Premier Camera

Manufacture: Rochester Optical Company
Location: Rochester, N.Y.
Model: Folding Premier Camera
Features: Internal focus
Category: Folding Bed Camera
Production Dates: 1892 - 1895
Film: Dry Plate
Lens: R.O. Co. Single rapid rectilinear lens "silent shutter" with rotating aperture.

Reference Price for: 1895

4x5 with one plate holder......... $18.00
5x7 with one plate holder......... $24.00
4x5 with rapid rectilinear lens.. $23.00
5x7 with rapid rectilinear lens.. $32.00

Description: The Folding Premier camera is extremely handsome, the entire bed and front of polished mahogany and in perfect contrast to the black leather covering. fitted with rising and falling front, central swing back, and a reversible view finder attached to the bed. A hinged panel at the back allows the image to be seen while focusing. glass plates, cut and roll film can be used.

There were essentially four versions of this camera made. The 1892 version is the original as depicted in the top right corner and photo, and the 1895 version depicted on the very bottom of the page. The second version did not have a recess in the front and the third version looked more like the third version without the extra space on the sides. The first version is the rarest.

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