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  American Camera by ROC

The American camera was early completely self casing camera introduced at the start of the company in roughly 1885. The colorized trade catalogue image is from an 1890 catalogue and is quite different in design from the American Challenge with a shortened name just American. This may have been an evolution of design changes during the years to improve the features. The 1890 cherry wood design features a self casing design that is compact and convenient.

The 1890 trade catalogue describes the camera as being designed especially for amateur use. The American is described as an exceedingly neat camera. It goes on to say that the back portion of the camera with the bellows, is self contained within the forward portion, which also contains one holder. This avoids the necessity of a carry case, as the bed folds up making a complete box. The lens is reversed within the camera and a plain front-board is inserted, this protects the lens and makes the camera appear to be a plain box.

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