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Midg No. 1 Camera

The Midg No. 1 magazine camera was manufactured by W. Butcher & sons and introduced in 1900. Production of the Midg line continued to approximately 1921. Constructed of well seasoned wood and covered originally in leather and later with imitation morocco grain leather on the outside. Fitted with a single achromatic or rectilinear lens with iris diaphragm, and three magnifiers for adjusting the lens for close exposures for 4ft, 8ft, and 12 ft. The shutter provides time and instantaneous speeds form two seconds to 1/100th of a second wit bulb release. Two tripod sockets as well as two brilliant view finders are included. A door is provided in the front to access the lens for cleaning and a metal door in the back so the exposed plates can be readily withdrawn without interfering with the unexposed plates. This camera carried twelve plates, quarter plate in size and used the infallible changing system. Originally priced at �2 10 0.

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