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Coronet Camera

The Coronet Camera was manufactured by the W. Butcher & Sons Ltd. company from approximately 1912 to 1925. Constructed of solid mahogany highly polished and lacquered. All metal work is polished and lacquered brass. Features included rack and pinion focusing, rack and pinion wide angle movement, reversing and swing back, built-in cast brass turntable, and a leather handle. It was made in two models, No.s 1 & 2. The No. 1 was made in quarter plate with single achromatic lens and revolving shutter. The No. 2 was mad in quarter plate, half plate and full plate size and was fitted with a swift roller blind giving time and instaneous exposures. Lens options included a Primus Rapid rectilinear, a Beck symmetrical or a Aldis Uno Anastigmat.

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