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Focal Plan Foldng Ruby Camera

Thornton-Pickard manufacturing company made the Focal Plan Foldng Ruby Camera in circa 1910. Designed with the focal-plane shutter built into the camera body. The focal plane shutter has three permanently fixed aperatures and capable of exposure from 1/25th to 1/1000th of a second, in addition to time exposures.

Features included rising, falling, swinging and extending omniflex front, spring catchers to back and front, triple extension bellows, reversible back, a spirit level, and a reversible brilliant finder.

Various lens were available including a Beck Convertible Aplanat, Ruby Anastigmat, Beck Isostigmar or a Ross Homocentric. Four models were manufactured and each available in quarter plate, 5 x 4 inches, Postcard, and half plate. Prices ranged from £8 15 0 to £18 0 0.

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