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Foldng Ruby Camera

The Folding Ruby was produced by the Thornton-Pickard Manufacturing Company from approximately 1910 well into the 1902s. It was advertised as a modern hand camera. Constructed of select mahogany, beautify polished internally with seal grain Morocco leather covering and highly finished brass fittings.

Features included rising, falling, swinging and extending omniflex front, spring catchers to back and front, triple extension bellows, reversible back, spring actuated rear dark slide holder, spring focusing hood folding over focusing screen, a spirit level, and a reversible brilliant finder. Fitted with a Baush & Lomb Automat shutter between lens giving variable instantaneous exposures up to 1/100 of a second and also time and bulb exposures. Pneumatic and finger release are also provided in the shutter. A Beck Symmetrical lens accompanies the shutter. Four models were manufactured and each available in quarter plate, 5 x 4 inches, Postcard, and half plate, except the No. 1 was also available in a 9 x 12 cm size.

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