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Automan Camera

The Automan cameras were manufactured by Thornton-Pickard manufacturing Company in circa 1903. Designed for instantaneous photography by which at a touch of a spring catch button on top of the camera, drops the front board down and the camera bellows erects to be ready for photo capture with infinity focus. The Automan cameras were produced in three styles.

The Focal Plane Automan is fitted with a focal plane shutter with speed calculator, giving exposures from 1/30 to 1/1000 of a second. The lens is a special aplant with iris diaphragm working at f6.5. The bellows are capable of being extended to twelve inches for long focus lens and the camera is provided with rising and falling front. Available in quarter plate and 5 x 4 inch sizes.

The Oxford Automan is adapted for taking glass plates or cut films in plate holders. It has the same self erecting, rising and falling front. It is fitted with a Rapid Rectilinear lens.

The Roll Film Automan is adapted to, what else but, roll film which can be loaded in daylight with ease. It could be converted to plates with an adapter.

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