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Midg No. 4 Camera

The Midg No. 4 magazine camera was manufactured by W. Butcher & sons from approximately 1902 to 1924. Over that time span several variations were produced. The Midg No. 4 was similar to the No. 3 pattern, except that it had superior leather covering, polished mahogany interior and an improved magazine changing system. It was fitted with a rapid rectilinear lens with iris diaphragm, and a Baush & Lomb unicum shutter with adjustable instantaneous speeds from one second to 1/100th of a second. Focusing adjustment beyond six feet. Two tripod sockets as well as two brilliant view finders are included. This magazine camera carried twelve plates in metal sheaths or twenty four cut films, quarter plate in size. Originally priced at 84s. An optional upgrade to a Beck lens (6 6 0) or a Goerz series III double anastigmat lens (9 0 0) was also available.

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