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Klimax Camera

The Klimax camera was manufactured by W. Butcher & Sons and introduced in approximately circa 1910. It was constructed with a mahogany body, a metal baseboard and a very rigid metal front. Features included rising, falling and cross movement front with locking devise. The back can be swung both ways and locked at any angle. The early models carried an Aldis Uno Anastigmat f7.7 lens with and automat shutter. Later models had various lens including a Velos, Cooke or Dallmeyer matched with a Lukos III sector or Optimus shutter. The No. 1 a single extension and is not believed to be produced as long as the No.2. The No. 2 had a double extension bellows adjusted by rack and pinion and was produced well into the 1920s. Available in four sizes including a quarter plate, 5 x 4 inch, post-card and half plate. Prices ranged from 3 15 0 to 6 7 6.

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