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Historic Camera


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Kilburn Gun Camera by Scovill Mfg. Co.

The Kilburn Gun Camera was manufactured by Scovill Mfg. Co. from approximately 1882 to 1886. It consisted of a small camera mounted on a gun-stock and provided with sights and triggers. Its ammunition is chemicals instead of powder and lead. It is used like an ordinary shot gun, it must be brought to the shoulder, aim taken and the trigger pulled leaving a picture on the sensitive plate in the camera. The camera was constructed of mahogany with a cherry base, a black fabric bellows and brass lacquered hardware. Rear focus adjustment was accomplished by way of a rack and pinion or manual pull. Available in 4x5 size only. Priced in 1883 at $27 for the outfit or $5 for the gun-stock.

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Historic Camera