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Historic Camera


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Irving-Clay Camera by American Optical Co.

The Irving-Clay Camera was manufactured by the American Optical Company from approximately 1896 to 1900 and marketed by the Scovill and Adams Company. Designed by Henry Clay Price this Camera was a combination of the best features of the well known Henry Clay and Irving Cameras and was the first Hand and Tripod Folding Camera with reversible self adjusting spring back. It is constructed of thin spruce wood, highly polished, and is therefore extremely light and portable. Covered with the best grade of leather and it possesses all the movements, swing back, front focus, shifting front and movable front boards and other conveniences which a camera of 1896 should have. Available in 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 and 8 x 10 size with pricing in 1896 at $45 and $50 respectively.

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Historic Camera