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Historic Camera


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Henry Clay Camera by American Optical Co.

The Henry Clay Camera is the only double-shifting and swing-front hand camera. The case is leather-covered, and when closed there is no finder visible, or openings elsewhere, to indicate that the camera mechanism is concealed inside.

To open the Camera, press the knob visible on the front, thus allowing the front to slide and then swing under the bottom of the camera. The platform or bed of the camera is carried with this board, and, by turning the wheel, the bed is made perfectly ridgid. It will at once be apparent how the front may be racked outward until the front end of it is over the lines which indicate the focus for various distances. The figure 60 on the focusing scale indicates the focus for 60 feet or beyond. The finder of the camera is now placed on the top of the front board, and is therefore always at the same angle as the lens; the finder is a reversible one, which may be turned when the camera is fastened t a tripod, or is held, not with the handle upward, but with the handle on the side, in order to secure a vertical instead of horizontal view. The front board is arranged to slide upward when taking a tall building, church spire, or any high object, and it is also arranged to swing, to still further aid in that endeavor.

by ingenious arrangement the swing and vertical sliding adjustments may be made to work when the camera is turned over and used horizontally.

One of the advantages of the camera, when used in the hand, is in the taking of street scenes from an elevated position and having the lines of the building straight, while the subjects taken may be near by.

On the same principle, objects situated above the camera level may be taken by reversing the position of the lens and finder.

Scovill & Adams Co, 1892

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