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Flammang's Patent Revolving Back Camera

Manufactured from 1883 to 1898, the Flammang's Patent Revolving Back Camera was a major improvement for view cameras. Allowing for Portrait or landscape photos to be taken from one camera without having to remove the plate or remove the camera to be turned on a tripod. It comprises high quality mahogany construction in both a tailboard and front focusing style. Size ranged from a 4 x 5 to a very large 25 x 30.

Anthony describes them as follows: These are the finest View Cameras ever constructed so says every photographer who has examined any of them and this exclamation is not merely a tribute to the beauty and grace of their design, for invariably the desire has at the same time been expressed to possess one of these truly novel and substantial Cameras. Wherein lies the merit and attractiveness of the Revolving Back Camera, that photographers want to cast aside cameras now in use and procure one of this new pattern. Briefly stated it enables the view taker to secure either an upright or a horizontal picture without changing the plate holder after it has been slid into the carriage No other camera can with such wondrous ease and celerity be changed from the vertical to the upright or vice-versa. The carriage is simply turned about in the circle and automatically fastened By this latter provision the carriage may be secured at either quarter of the circle Ordinarily the slide will be drawn out of the holder to the right but in certain confined situations the ability to withdraw the slide to the left enables the photographer to obtain a view which he could not get with the usual provision in a camera. The photographer of experience is well aware of the difficulty when taking an upright picture with a large camera of reaching up to draw out the slide at the top and what is more essential of getting out the slide without fogging the plate in the holder. Grace and strength are combined in the Revolving Back Camera and its highly desirable features are gained without the sacrifice of steadiness or any other essential principle in a good camera Indeed its merit is such that out door photography has been advanced and made more attractive by its introduction.

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