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Butcher's No. 4 Camera Outfit

The No. 4 photographic camera outfit was a compact camera manufactured by W. butcher & Sons in circa 1902. The camera was constructed of polished mahogany with black leather bellows. Features included a double extension front with rack and pinion focusing, and the was able to be racked forward for wide angle work. The back was reversible and a swing back. It was fitted with a double achromatic rapid rectilinear lens with iris diaphragm. The shutter was a time and instantaneous roller blind, fitted behind the lens with a speed indicator and pneumatic release. A turn table was fitted into the cameras base-board for ease of assembly onto a three-fold, rule joint with sliding legs, ash wood tripod. It was made in quarter plate, half plate or whole plate and priced from 2 2 0 to 5 10 0. Special brass binding for tropical climates could be added for an extra cost and are uncommon to find.

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