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Historic Camera
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Historic Camera


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American Optical Company Product Listing

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Boston Imperial Camera
76 Centennial Camera 1876 - 1898
Chicago Card Camera
Flammang's Patent Revolving Back Camera 1883 - 1898
Flandreau 1888 - 1898
Henry Clay 1891 - 1897
Henry Clay 2d c1898
Henry Clay Junior 1895 - 1897
Henry Clay Stereoscopic 1892 - 1899
Imperial Camera c1896
Irving Camera 1890 - 1900
Irving-Clay Camera (1896 - 1900)
Landscape Reversible Camera c1890
Multiplying Camera c1890
Portrait Camera
Peerless Portrait Camera
Peerless Imperial Camera
Royal Camera
St. Louis Reversible Back 1886 - 1898
Star View Camera 1890 - 1898
Tourist Pocket 1883 - 1891
Victoria four-tube Camera (1891 - 1899)

John Stock Cameras ( were acquired by American Optical in 1867, see J. Stock Product Listing for additional models)

Scovill, later in the same time period acquired American Optical in 1867. Refer to the Scovill product line of cameras. After American Optical merged with the Scovill company the cameras were sometimes shared between brand names.
Cameras are listed in the librarium typically by the original manufacturer.

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Historic Camera