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» Antique & 19th Century Wood and Brass Cameras  Hot Link!
This Web Site is a private collector's site. It is devoted to Antique & 19th Century Wooden Cameras and related Photographica. Although primarily a collector, I occasionally part with some items, check out my Items for sale.

Added on:Sun Oct 24 2004, Hits: 840 [ Report ]
» Antique Cameras  Hot Link!
Rarely seen 19th century cameras are shown on this website as well has advertising and interesting historical information.

Added on:Tue Dec 14 2004, Hits: 3741 [ Report ]
» Antique Kodak cameras  Hot Link!
Videos of early Kodak cameras, with technical and historical descriptions.

Added on:Fri Apr 13 2007, Hits: 1656 [ Report ]
» Antique Soviet and Russian cameras : FED, Kiev, Zorki, Moskva, Zenit, Smena, Lubitel   Hot Link!
Antique Soviet and Russian cameras : FED, Kiev, Zorki, Moskva, Zenit, Smena, Lubitel

Added on:Sat Nov 13 2004, Hits: 1962 [ Report ]
» Bright Bytes Studio Home Page  Hot Link!
This web site is a celebration of a 30 year collaboration in art, photography and collecting we call Bright Bytes Studio. On this site we will share some of our collections and interests; camera obscuras, the history of photography, stereo photography, character cameras, computers, mysteries, postcards, optical toys, toaster collectibles, photographica, Eugen Sandow and other strongmen/women and more.

Added on:Sun Oct 31 2004, Hits: 1798 [ Report ]
» Camaras Antiguas Fotográficas y de Cine Antique Cameras  Editors Pick! Hot Link!
Compra y venta de cámaras antiguas fotográficas y de cine. Accesorios. Anique Cameras. San Telmo - Argentina

Added on:Sun Sep 21 2008, Hits: 1448 [ Report ]
» Camera Collection  Hot Link!
We collect all sorts of cameras, old or new, serious or funny. At this time, our collection is comprised of 919 cameras, including 395 KODAK, 52 Polaroid, 33 Herbert George or Imperial, 225 single-use cameras and many promotional cameras. We also have a lot of accessories, toys and advertisement articles.

Added on:Sun Oct 31 2004, Hits: 371 [ Report ]
» Camera collection  Hot Link!
A collection of 35mm compact and rangefinder cameras of the seventies

Added on:Thu Mar 17 2005, Hits: 4247 [ Report ]
» CameraCollector.com - Home Page  Hot Link!
Welcome to CameraCollector.com! Here you will find antique and collectible cameras, and the advertising used to sell them. You may also view early images and read about the processes used by photographic pioneers.

Added on:Sat Jan 1 2005, Hits: 3697 [ Report ]
» Caméra de Collection - Cameras of Collection  Hot Link!
It is devoted to Antique & 19th Century Wooden Cameras and related Photographica. A Private Collection of over 350 Collectibles Cameras of type folding 1880-2000, each individually described.

Added on:Fri Dec 31 2004, Hits: 1340 [ Report ]

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