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» Photographic Technology Patents  Hot Link!
Photographic Technology Patents

Added on:Tue Nov 2 2004, Hits: 990 [ Report ]
» Photography Articles by colleagues from RIT   Hot Link!
This is an eclectic list including some recent as well as "vintage" articles by several current and past members of the faculty of the School of Photographic Arts and Sciences at RIT and guests. They range from topics on infrared photography, ultraviolet, high speed, synchroballistic, panoramic, special effects, peripheral, schlieren, photofinish, and many other topics.

Added on:Sat Jan 1 2005, Hits: 1094 [ Report ]
» Photography in philately  Editors Pick! Hot Link!
Photography in philately

Added on:Sun Apr 1 2012, Hits: 994 [ Report ]
» Polaroid Roll Film Cameras  Hot Link!
Pictorial collection of Polaroid Roll Film Cameras from 1948-1961. Some accessories and light meters shown on interactive pages.

Added on:Mon Apr 24 2006, Hits: 748 [ Report ]
» Talbot’s Correspondence  Hot Link!
The Correspondence of William Henry Fox Talbot Project has prepared a comprehensive edition of the nearly 10,000 letters to and from Talbot (1800-1877)

Added on:Tue Nov 2 2004, Hits: 725 [ Report ]
» The Illustrated History of Photography  Hot Link!
The Illustrated History of Photography

Added on:Tue Nov 2 2004, Hits: 831 [ Report ]
» The Photographic Historical Society  Hot Link!
The Photographic Historical Society of Rochester New York.

Added on:Fri Dec 31 2004, Hits: 876 [ Report ]
» american daguerreotypes  Hot Link!
A Great Article on the daguerreotype written as a thesis, entitled "The Social Construction of the American Daguerreotype Portrait 1839-1860" by Ben Mattison

Added on:Tue Nov 2 2004, Hits: 818 [ Report ]

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