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» National Portrait Gallery Smithsonian Institution  Hot Link!
The National Portrait Gallery is dedicated tothe exhibition and study of portraits of people who have made significant contribution to American history and culture and to the study of the artists who created such portraiture.

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» Met Special Topics The Daguerreian Era and Early American Photography on Paper, 1839– 1860  Hot Link!
Met Special Topics Page The Daguerreian Era and Early American Photography on Paper, 1839–1860

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» The Museum of Photographic Arts  Hot Link!
The Museum of Photographic Arts

Added on:Wed Nov 3 2004, Hits: 5693 [ Report ]
» Highland Glen Camera Club  Hot Link!
If you're looking for other photography enthusiasts in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, then you should come out to one of our meetings. The HGCC offers its members a number of ways to improve their photography, see work of other photographers and speakers, get feedback on images, engage in competitions, participate in workshops, get new ideas, and spend time with other people who share their interest in photography.

Added on:Wed Dec 29 2004, Hits: 5160 [ Report ]
» Kodak and the Lens of Nostalgia by Nancy Martha West  Hot Link!
Nancy West looks at a wide assortment of Kodak's most popular inventions and marketing strategies, advertisements, including the "Kodak Girl," the momentous invention of the Brownie camera in 1900, the "Story Campaign" during World War I, and even the Vanity Kodak Ensemble, a camera introduced in 1926 that came fully equipped with lipstick

Added on:Sun Oct 31 2004, Hits: 4941 [ Report ]
» Antique, Classic & Vintage Cameras  Hot Link!
Free Antique Camera Appraisal - Buy & Sell Antique, Classic & Vintage Cameras. Photo Bulletin Board, Message Board, Auction Search, Camera Price Database. Nice site.

Added on:Sun Oct 31 2004, Hits: 4900 [ Report ]
» Welcome to Fedka.com  Hot Link!
Fedka.com: Experience and Integrity. Soviet or Russian cameras. Not just for Fed cameras. Mainly Selling but it has lots of information .

Added on:Thu Nov 4 2004, Hits: 4820 [ Report ]
» Camera collection  Hot Link!
A collection of 35mm compact and rangefinder cameras of the seventies

Added on:Thu Mar 17 2005, Hits: 4758 [ Report ]
» Delaware Photographic Society  Hot Link!
The Delaware Photographic Society was organized as the Delaware Camera Club January 31, 1931, making it one of the oldest camera clubs in the country. The Society was formed to encourage and develop interest in photography. The objectives at that time were to get the best authorities to give lectures on photography to have discussion groups within the membership to share knowledge and to arrange an exhibition of photography in Wilmington.

Added on:Fri Dec 31 2004, Hits: 4421 [ Report ]
» Daguerreian Registry Home Page  Hot Link!
Research on early American photographers, daguerreotypists, 1839-1860

Added on:Tue Nov 2 2004, Hits: 4366 [ Report ]
» Antique Cameras  Hot Link!
Rarely seen 19th century cameras are shown on this website as well has advertising and interesting historical information.

Added on:Tue Dec 14 2004, Hits: 4086 [ Report ]
» CameraCollector.com - Home Page  Hot Link!
Welcome to CameraCollector.com! Here you will find antique and collectible cameras, and the advertising used to sell them. You may also view early images and read about the processes used by photographic pioneers.

Added on:Sat Jan 1 2005, Hits: 4024 [ Report ]
» greaterlynnphoto  Hot Link!
Greater Lynn Photographic Association meets September through May. Highlights of the year nclude the member mini show, annual photo course, annual auction, print and slide competitions, workshops, and the Greater Lynn International.

Added on:Fri Dec 31 2004, Hits: 3979 [ Report ]
» Welcome to Albums, Inc.  Hot Link!
Welcome to Albums, Inc. your single source for albums, folios, frames, and everything you need after the photography.

Added on:Wed Nov 3 2004, Hits: 3862 [ Report ]
» camprice.com - Price Guide for Collectible & Usable Cameras  Hot Link!
Online Price Guide for Collectible and Usable Cameras. Subscription based online price guide for collectible and used cameras. Pricing and information on more than 23,500 cameras.

Added on:Sun Oct 31 2004, Hits: 3642 [ Report ]
» Andrews Cameras  Hot Link!
Camera shop specialising in antique and collectable cameras in the UK

Added on:Thu Nov 4 2004, Hits: 3518 [ Report ]
»  South Manchester Camera Club - A Leading UK Photography Club in the North West of England. For digital and film photographers.  Hot Link!
South Manchester Camera Club - A Leading UK Photography Club in the North West of England. For digital and film photographers.

Added on:Wed Dec 29 2004, Hits: 3514 [ Report ]
» LensWork Publishing Home Page  Hot Link!
digital photography magazine and resource.

Added on:Sun Oct 31 2004, Hits: 3188 [ Report ]
» CameraBooks.com: Petra Kellers Photo/ACR Book Service  Hot Link!
ACR Book Service/Petra Kellers Photo - Camera books and books on the Early Images/History, Early Images, Classic and Collecting Cameras, including Leica, Nikon, Minolta, Hasselblad, Canon, Minox, Spy and Rangefinder cameras

Added on:Sun Oct 31 2004, Hits: 3181 [ Report ]
» Camera-Net.com Home Page  Hot Link!
Camera Books from Centennial Photo. Publishers of McKeown's Price Guide to Antique & Classic Cameras, Collectos Guide to Kodak Cameras, and much more

Added on:Sun Oct 31 2004, Hits: 3151 [ Report ]
» An Antique Networking Member - Rainbow Creations  Hot Link!
Antique dealer who specailizes in 19th Century photographs, Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes, and large format photographic albums.

Added on:Thu Nov 4 2004, Hits: 3076 [ Report ]
» Scully & Osterman Studio  Hot Link!
Scully & Osterman Studio. the Ostermans have evolved as respected historians and modern masters of the wet-plate collodion process. The current artistic revival of collodion photography is a direct result of their influence by publishing and exhibiting their work, teaching workshops and tutorials, and writing on the subject. They are both represented by Howard Greenberg Gallery in New York City.

Added on:Sat Apr 9 2005, Hits: 3062 [ Report ]
» Stereographica.com: Antique Photographica  Hot Link!
Stereographica offers the finest in antique photographic hardware and imagery from photographys first hundred years. Bryan & Page Ginns have been collecting and dealing in fine antique and collectible photography since 1985, actively buying and selling to collectors world wide. Now their auctions are available on line.

Added on:Tue Oct 26 2004, Hits: 2759 [ Report ]
» Kodak Girl  Hot Link!
contains images of female photographers published by Kodak or using the name Kodak.

Added on:Tue Oct 26 2004, Hits: 2723 [ Report ]
» Canadian Photo Club - Canadas Largest Photo Club  Hot Link!
Welcome to the Canadian Association for Photographic Arts (CAPA) - a national non-profit volunteer organization that connects Canadian photographers to each other, and to other photographers and organizations around the world. Clearbrook, British-Columbia

Added on:Wed Dec 29 2004, Hits: 2702 [ Report ]
» Photographic: Home Page  Hot Link!
Photgraphic magazine for better photos.

Added on:Sun Oct 31 2004, Hits: 2700 [ Report ]
» Dennis Waters, Fine Daguerreotypes  Hot Link!
www.finedags.com and www.daggreetings.com are sites dedicated to promoting the historical and artistic importance of daguerreotypes. There are scholarly articles daguerreotypes and greeting cards for sale.

Added on:Tue Nov 2 2004, Hits: 2687 [ Report ]
» Canon Camera Museum  Hot Link!
A virtual museum where we introduce Canon Camera History from our first camera to the latest one

Added on:Wed Nov 3 2004, Hits: 2682 [ Report ]
» Videomaker Magazine - Camcorder Reviews, Video Editing, Digital Video and Production Resources  Hot Link!
Covers camcorders, video editing, computer video, audio and video production Includes Expos, workshops, forums, free resources, trial subscriptions to Videomaker magazine and the Videomaker Store.

Added on:Sun Oct 31 2004, Hits: 2592 [ Report ]
» Cameras, Virginia  Hot Link!
Cameras, Virginia. Camera Lenses and Other Equipment for Sale

Added on:Thu Nov 4 2004, Hits: 2530 [ Report ]
» The Tin Box  Hot Link!
Classic advertising from days gone by..

Added on:Tue Oct 26 2004, Hits: 2499 [ Report ]
» Charles Haire Photography  Hot Link!
Charles Haire Photography Product, Advertising, Landscape, Fine Art, Stock Photography

Added on:Mon Feb 28 2005, Hits: 2482 [ Report ]
» photography - Able Photography  Hot Link!
photography Links - Able Photography

Added on:Thu Nov 4 2004, Hits: 2452 [ Report ]
» Antique Kodak cameras  Hot Link!
Videos of early Kodak cameras, with technical and historical descriptions.

Added on:Fri Apr 13 2007, Hits: 2435 [ Report ]
» Cicada Photography Resource  Hot Link!
B/W Fine Art photography, zone system tutorials

Added on:Tue Nov 2 2004, Hits: 2432 [ Report ]
» Canadian Association for Photographic Art - Welcome  Hot Link!
The Canadian Association for Photographic Arts is an association of camera clubs serving Canada coast to coast. Teaching photograpy through seminars and workshops accross Canada. Providing Photo Competitions for members and the general public.

Added on:Wed Dec 29 2004, Hits: 2418 [ Report ]
» Berks Camera Club  Hot Link!
Berks Camera Club. Members and non-members alike will find a lot of useful information on our site.

Added on:Wed Dec 29 2004, Hits: 2368 [ Report ]
» Cameta Camera - Photographic Equipment At Very Low Prices  Hot Link!
The solution to all of your photography, video, and film processing needs. We are one of Americas largest trade-in/used camera dealers and our goal is to be your complete imaging center.

Added on:Sat Jan 1 2005, Hits: 2330 [ Report ]
» Midwest Photo Shopper  Hot Link!
Midwest Photo Shopper is a monthly newsletter dedicated to buying, selling, and trading used photographic equipment.

Added on:Sun Oct 31 2004, Hits: 2276 [ Report ]
» Antique Soviet and Russian cameras : FED, Kiev, Zorki, Moskva, Zenit, Smena, Lubitel   Hot Link!
Antique Soviet and Russian cameras : FED, Kiev, Zorki, Moskva, Zenit, Smena, Lubitel

Added on:Sat Nov 13 2004, Hits: 2256 [ Report ]
» George Eastman House Selected Cameras   Hot Link!
Amazing collection of Early cameras with nice photos and related information.

Added on:Sun Oct 31 2004, Hits: 2248 [ Report ]
» Argus Collectors Group  Hot Link!
The Argus Collectors Group has practical and historical information about Argus cameras and accessories, including reference photos and instruction manuals. There are online survey forms to enter data about various models of Argus cameras that is used to research the evolution of these cameras.

Added on:Thu Jun 23 2005, Hits: 2247 [ Report ]
» KODAK Product Type: Films Menu  Hot Link!
KODAK Product Type: Films

Added on:Thu Nov 4 2004, Hits: 2226 [ Report ]
» American Photo Restoration  Hot Link!
Photo restoration of old photographs

Added on:Thu Apr 28 2005, Hits: 2218 [ Report ]
» www.antique-photography.com  Hot Link!
An online auction of vintage and fine art photography, equipment, books, and ephemera. Photographica for collectors, dealers, museums, galleries, and institutions

Added on:Tue Oct 26 2004, Hits: 2189 [ Report ]
» Auckland Photographic Society  Hot Link!
Welcome to the Auckland Photographic Society. The Auckland Photographic Society is a nonprofit organisation of both amateur and professional photographers alike. Our primary goal is to promote and support the art and science of photography as a means of creative expression achieved through awareness, education and participation.

Added on:Fri Dec 31 2004, Hits: 2176 [ Report ]
» Classic-Camera.net  Editors Pick! Hot Link!
Just the place for collectors of Classic Cameras. />